Nelsonville Hotel (Bessemer Hostel)

The Nelsonville Hotel (Bessemer Hostel)

    The Bessemer Hostel is THE best hotel for the price by far in the Nelsonville area, and has its own hiking trail going into thousands of acres of national forest.  There is Air Conditioning, free wifi, a library, free phone service, a pool table with free games, a common kitchen and more.

 The hostel is a tourist attraction in itself, with a hiking trail going into thousands of acres of national forest.

      Nelsonville is a very historic tourist attraction, with the scenic railroad, Stuarts Opera House, the public square and more.

       Athens/ Ohio University, Hocking College and the Hocking Hills are other tourist attractions nearby, along with the Adena Bikeway that goes from Nelsonville to Athens, and continues to expand.  The bike path is exceptionally scenic.

 The Bessemer Hostel is owned solely by environmental author Chad Kister, who does not own any other hotels.  Kister’s first of 4 books is about his 700-mile expedition by foot and raft through the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

 The hostel is 420 friendly, and is calling for mandatory prison time to all federal agents, police officers and prosecutors who arrest or prosecute anyone for marijuana: God’s Green Herb.

     Phone and text: 740-753-3000

Email: ckister@chadkister.com

Address: 4592 Bessemer Rd.; Nelsonville OH 45764